Since the mid fifties unmistakable fascination has been inspired about Guava particularly the clears out. Endeavors were made to recognize the guava fruit benefits. Guava leaves are utilized as a part of different local medications utilized. guava leaves contain fixings which have a part to play in different afflictions, for example, tumor, Infections, aggravation, and agony. Basic oil of guava leaves have been especially compelling in enhancing the forecast of malignancy and other immunological sicknesses.

Guava leaves have been utilized as a part of treating looseness of the bowels and the bark is utilized for its microbicidal and astringent activity. The leaves and bark is additionally utilized as a part of dysentry and diabetes. Guava started in Peru and archeological unearthings have uncovered that it was developed by the indigenous individuals. The tree is boundless in the rain timberlands and in this way has a long history of its utilization by the locals of these rain woods and they are as yet utilized as a part of present day times.

A decoction of the leaves and the bark are utilized by the Tikuna locals for dysentry. The treatment is effective to the point that it is being utilized by the occupants of the urban communities moreover. The Amazon Indians likewise utilize the leaves extricate for looseness of the bowels and as a wash for sore throat, emesis, stomach related diseases, and menstrual issue. The leaves are additionally utilized as a mouth freshener and help from tooth hurts. The leaves remove is likewise utilized as a douche for candidiasis and for the fixing of the vaginal dividers particularly after labor. Leaves are smashed and connected on wounds and wounds. Blooms are squashed and the concentrate is utilized as eye drops to reduce the agony and consuming amid conjunctivitis or sun strain. The advantages of Guava leaves have likewise been specified in the old Dutch pharmacopia. The organic product was taken to different parts of the world by the Dutch and different voyagers. In present day days guava’s are found in many parts of the world.

Guavas are rich in saponins, carotenoids, lectins, flavonoids, fundamental oils, vitamins, tannins, phenols, triterpenes, fiber and unsaturated fats. It is additionally a rich wellspring of Vitamin C ordinarily more prominent than oranges. It likewise has direct amount of Vitamin A. The leaves are especially rich in flavonoids like Quercetin. A significant part of the therapeutic properties of guava are ascribed to these flavonoids. Flavonoids are additionally in charge of the counter bacterial movement of Guava clears out. Quercetin is additionally in charge of the counter diarrheal activity of Guava leaves since it unwinds the smooth muscles of the GI tract and furthermore restrains the gut compressions.